Produced by Jimmy Dukes Features Bama White
Years ago, I coined my own life as The Glory Run in my hometown of Akron, Ohio. Creating music brings upon interesting stereotypes of its own, in many unique ways. Many people expect you to want to sign contracts with unfamiliar people. Others see to it you name drop people you work with. With out those two components, deals, and celebrity most times a recording artist is not taken seriously.
In my experience, creating music is not cheap by any means. There are costs at every level, and garnering the ability to record and delivery high quality products come at a premium today yet, that was unfathomable for most just 25 years ago. I seen the technological advances of music programs and less the need to purchase tons of instruments with a new introduction to the audio world known as MIDI controllers. The beat machine changed the game for me when I noticed I was learning to use them by watching my folks who were making beats. It was only a matter of time before I picked up my production hand.
The music history runs deep within me, beginning with me writing raps at 9 years of age with my late great friend Kimyata D. Cooper (Coop). “It was night time and I was ready to eat/” – My first bar ever. Who knew it would continue till today, but then I remember a few people around family who were A&R’s for Jive Records, Rap-A-Lot records, Interscope records to name a few. And these people would always leave my parents classics often times before the commercial release. From being submerged around these musical elements my curiosity to create and express in this artform became a passion.
Fast forward to today, I still love to create music no matter where my life takes me. Always reciting some rhyme, or making a beat out of sounds I may hear out and about. The curiousness of wanting to take it to another level in my music production ability has led me right into some of the doors with the world most renowned engineers, producers, and artists. The Run for the Glory has been underway for many years… Now i’m gonna share a host of musical projects that I’ve made, and new projects as i’m constantly recording.
The Glory Run is an 8 track offering produced by Jimmy Dukes in entirety. A big shout out to my homie Clyde Strokes who I met in LA years back. He and Jimmy Dukes had a production team called SFTA or Sounds From The Attic. We’d go to producer competitions and I’d see them bring the hardware home and they had a knack for not only providing a dope vibe but also sonically it was in pristine clarity. Combining with my easy going vibe on most records I make, I was nicknamed Vibe King by Clyde as we would combine to make several records at the drop of the beat. Every track of brilliance covers the songs I had written (like the intro which was written in 2014) , and for the new songs like Until Its Mine (track 2). Constantly life gives me more and more to turn into song. This is just the beginning of many parts to come of the series. I have much in store. I thank you for taking the time.
Dell Dorado

Be4 The Glory
A 7 song project produced by notorious producer Clyde Strokes. The vibes are set, and the tracks are in. An introduction to what will be a series of musical products. The projects will be available among all digital platforms, as well as the option to purchase a disc via amazon direct. I wanted to give you, the listener the option of how you’d like to take up the art. The songs and projects will be varied as is my life and the many people and places in it. Many different producers from around the USA and the World have sent me records, and many of them have inspired me to write to them. With hundreds of songs recorded, this shall be a fun time more so for me now, than at any point previously as I control the art, and how I choose to release it. Many of the projects will come in the form of hip-hop, other genres as well. Not to fail to mention, there will be instrumentals, visuals, and the actual account of a lifetime combined in documentary fashion. This is the vocal side of things from my perspective, determined by the vibe of the music. Many accounts of actual stories derived from my world and the people in it in the form of story telling of course. The vibes I promise to keep consistent within the projects. The first of the series is a 7 song EP that runs a little further than 25 minutes of audio.  A big shout out to my homie Clyde! The VIBE KING is here! The photo in the cover is when I was a 1 year old man. Sitting up, ready for The Glory Run.
I thank you all in advance for rocking with me!  Support the shop! More custom work, will be here, and only here!
Star On the AVE,
Dell Dorado.
Be4 The Glory Available Now.